Puppet Shows

Puppet Show List

The Magical Snow Garden

The magical snow garden

Wellington the Penguin finds a beautiful garden in a book and decides he wants to grow one.  He has to come up with a special way because of the cold.  Comes with ideas to make flowers for a winter garden.

Bear’s Loose Tooth

bear tooth

Bear is a little worried about loosing his tooth, but his friends help him through it.  Comes with a craft idea.

A Little bit of Winter

A little bit of winter

Rabbit is upset that Hedgehog hibernates and will miss winter. So Rabbit saves him a bit of winter. Comes with a craft idea.

 Kiki (an Easter Story)


The new chick gets forgotten because the hens are fighting over the eggs, so Kiki colors the eggs.  Comes with colouring pages for a craft.

The Easter Bunny is Missing

easter bunny is missing

The other animals want to be the Easter Bunny with disastrous results.  Comes with a craft and a colouring page.

 The Fox and the Hen

fox and hen

Hen gives her egg away to a Fox by mistake.  The other farm animals come up with ideas to get it back.  Comes with colouring page and a handprint hen craft.

 The Little Red Hen

little red hen

The red hen tries to make some bread but no one will help her.  Comes with templates for making paper bag puppets.

Little Red Robin

fin. robin

A twist on the original story.  Robin needs help making a banana split.  Comes with a recipe on making your own ice cream in a bag.

The Bremen Town Musicians

bremen town musicians

Donkey, rooster, dog, and cat make their way to town to do some singing, but they come across some thieves.  Craft idea could be to make some musical instruments.  Go to artists helping children  for some ideas.

The Bremen Town Rappers

bremen town rappers

An updated version of the traditional story.  Comes with craft ideas and a colouring page.

Bear’s New Friend

bear's new friend

Bear and the other forest animal hear a noise that leads them to find a new friend owl.  Come with 2 crafts to make owls.

Annie and the Wild Animals

Annie and the wild animals

When Annie can’t find her cat, she starts feeding the wild animals.  Crafts idea – colour a picture of a cat and make a bookmark.

The Boy and the Donkey

Boy and his donkey

A boy can’t get his donkey to move so he gets help from some different animals.  Comes with a donkey template to color and glue on a toilet roll. Also a pin the tail on the donkey game.

The Coin Flipper (a people puppet play)

Coin flipper

A boy thinks he can make all his decisions in life with the flip of a coin.  Of course his parents think otherwise. 

The Magic Fish

magic fish

A fisherman finds a magic fish and his wife makes all the wishes.  She of course makes one wish too many.  Comes with props, 2 craft ideas, and a coloring page.

The Mitten


A boy loses his mitten and some cold animals crawl into it to get warm.  Comes with colouring pages of all the animals and a mitten.

An Animals Christmas

animals christmas

A long story about the arrival of Mary and Joseph at the inn from the perspective of the ox, who doesn’t like his stable so crowded.

A Wonderful Book

wonderful book

A book is found in the forest and the animals think up uses for it until a boy comes along and shows them a book is for reading.  Comes with a book making craft idea.

Camping in the Rain

camping in the rain

A boy and his father go camping and when it starts to rain some of the forest animals want some shelter.  Comes with colouring pages of all the animals, trees and a tent to make a lovely display.

 Ed’s Egg

ed's egg

A little chick wants to keep the safety of his egg until he finds out that under his Mom’s wing is safe too.   Comes with a chicken in egg craft.

The Wishing Stone

wishing stone

An armadillo wants to find some friends but he is shy, so he pretends to be a wishing stone and fulfill wishes, with a disastrous result.  Comes with a armadillo craft and information page.

Mr. Groundhog want the Day off

Mr. ground hog wants the day off

Mr. Groundhog is tired of doing his job until the other animals show him how important he is.  Comes with props, information sheet,  2 craft ideas, colouring page and display ideas.

Pumpkin Cat

pumpkin cat

A little mouse shows a cat what a jack ‘o lantern is all about.  Comes with pumpkin craft, songs, and colouring page.

Chicken Little

chicken little

The sky is falling and Chicken Little has to tell everyone.  Comes with a chicken craft.

Down on the Funny Farm

down on the funny farm

A farmer buys a farm and finds out that the animals don’t know how to be themselves, so he has to teach them.  Comes with colouring pages craft.



Wazzyjump is a magical rabbit, and of course the other animals want the magic.  Find out if they can get it.  Comes with two craft ideas.

Sniffles for Bear

sniffles for bear

Bear’s friend, mouse, helps bear get over a cold.  Comes with two craft ideas.

Oscar Otter

oscar otter

Oscar Otter wants to discover more of the forest but he forgets that he has enemies.  See who helps him out.  Comes with information sheet, craft idea, and colouring page.

Old MacDonald had a Farm

old macdonald had a farm

We have two versions of this tale.  One with the big animals and one with the finger puppets.  Comes with a craft and colouring page.

Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood

Red Riding Hood meets a wolf on her way to Grandmother house.  Comes with craft ideas.

Jack and the Beanstalk

jack and the beanstalk

Jack gets into trouble when he trades some magic beans for his cow.  Comes with a craft idea, bean growing activity, maze, and colouring page.

The Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man

Grandma makes a gingerbread man, who escapes and runs away.  Comes with 2colouring pages, a recipe, and a gingerbread man craft.

How to Catch a Falling Star

how to catch a falling star

A cute story about friendship.  Comes with 2 crafts about leaves.

I’m Not Scared

I'm not scared

A little owl tries to tell everybody that he is not scared of the dark.  Comes with an owl craft.

Inside a Barn in the Country

inside a barn in the country

The cat starts chasing a mouse which wakes up all the other animals.  Comes with a song, game idea, and craft ideas.

Move Over Rover

move over rover

Rover has to move over to share his house when it starts raining.  Comes with two dog craft ideas.

The Day the Sheep Showed Up

day the sheep showed up

None of the animals know what the sheep is.  It’s different from them until they learn she’s just another barnyard animal.   Comes with a colouring page and a sheep craft.

Fable Tales #1


This one includes the stories The Playful Donkey, The Horse and the Donkey, The Shepherd and the Wolf, The Wolf and the Mountain Goat.

Fable Tales #2


This one includes the stories The Hare and the Tortoise, The Fox and the Crow, The Dog, the Rooster, and the Fox.

Fable Tales #3


This one includes the stories Two Travelers and a Bear, The Two Frogs, The Lion and the Mouse, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Dog in the Deep Dark Woods

dog in the deep dark woods

Dog didn’t like the other animals in the woods making fun of him so he decides to go live with man.  Comes with two crafts ideas and a colouring page.

How Raven  made the Tides (Aboriginal)

how the raven made the tides

The Raven tricks the old woman into letting go of the tides so people can gather food.  Comes with 2 craft ideas.

 How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun (Aboriginal)

how gradmother spider stole the sun

Grandmother Spider helps the other animals steal the sun so everyone can share the light.  Comes with props, and craft ideas.

Why Opossum has a Pouch (Aboriginal)

why opussum has a pouch

Bat steals Opossum’s babies and some other animals help her get them back.  Comes with craft idea and information sheet.

 How Chipmunk got His Stripes (Aboriginal)

how chipmunk got his stripes

Chipmunk plays a joke on big bear and bear doesn’t like it.  Comes with information sheet, craft idea, and colouring page.

How eagle got his Good Eyes (Aboriginal)


Nanabush plays a trick on Eagle but the Great spirit, Manitou saves the day.

How the Mouse got Brown Teeth (Aboriginal)

how the mouse got brown teeth

A boy accidentally catches the sun, but the mouse saves the day.   Come with a colouring sheet and craft idea.


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