Adult Programs

Seedlings and Pots

seedlings and pots

Hints, tips and directions for starting your own seedlings and crafts for different ways to decorate your pots.



Decorating ideas for the whole family to try.

Recycled Christmas

recycled christmas

Lots of ideas to reuse things for Christmas decorations.

Gift Wrapping

gift wrapping

Lots of ideas on how to decorate your parcels.

Decorating with Corks


Ideas on decorating with used corks and bottle caps.

Recycle Milk Jugs

recycled milk jugs

Ideas on how to recycle your milk jugs

Simple Book Making

simple book making

A few different ways to make a simple book.

Simple Card Making

simple card making

Ideas on what supplies you need to begin making your own cards.

No Cook Recipes

no cook recipes

Recipes for a variety of dishes from appetizers to desserts  that require no cooking.

Candle making

candle making

Ideas and directions to make simple bees wax and poured candles.

Spring Ideas for Your Home

spring ideas

A few ideas to decorate your home with.


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