Macklin Tribute to Bill Peet

27 Feb

Bill Peet Tribute held Jan 28, 2012

Farewell to Shady Glade



An invitation was sent out to the Macklin School’s Elementary Earth Club to join us in celebrating Bill Peet and his long, successful, creative, yet trying career.  I opened with a brief introduction of myself and the Library for any newcomers that attended. I tested them on what an author and illustrator does. I asked if any of them were familiar with Bill Peet. Then I launched off with giving my families’ personal story on how we fell in love with Mr. Peet’s books and continued on a brief account of his career.  The Bill Peet autobiography book that HQ sent to me was incredible and so personal as it was in Bill’s own hand!  Who knew Walt Disney was a stickler!  I spent some time showing them his original drawings to ones which were developed at Disney, from Dumbo to 101 Dalmatians. I loved that his inspirations came from nature and the farm where he grew up.  His love of the environment was focused on, which lead to the Puppet show Farewell to Shadey Glade, and the importance of saving/respecting the environment.  I let the children participate with the puppets and one narrated.   In the end when it rained in the story, I sprayed them all with a water bottle, which went over well!

After the show, I walked them through all of the Bill Peet books that were sent for my day which were on display.   I had posters with information on them and a bulletin board decorated with their Earth Club name, Welcome, and pictures from the book. Also noted was the date of 52 years since he published his 1st book, Hubert’s Hair-Raising Adventure, my favourite!  Then the children borrowed all the books they wanted and all in all had a great time!


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