28 Nov

 Here’s an idea for some family fun that you can do inside on a cold day.


 What you need

construction paper

white paper                                                                   
hole punch

What you do

1. Fold construction paper in half. Place your hand in a mitten and place it on top of the construction paper. Trace around the mitten. Cut out your mitten shape from the folded construction paper to create two mitten cutouts for the front and back covers of your book.
2. Use your mitten shape as a stencil to cut out several mittens from the white paper. Place one of the construction paper mitten shapes in front of your book. Stack the white mitten shapes on top so that the thumbs are lined up. Place the last construction paper mitten on top of the stack.
3. Punch two holes in your mitten book on the solid side of your mitten. Thread a piece of yarn through each hole and tie a bow.
4. Decorate the front cover of your mitten book using glitter and markers. Fill your book with winter drawings, poems, stories, or photos. Make up a funny story about where your lost mittens may have gone!

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